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Standard polymers

Short descriptionBrandChemical descriptionSupplier
 ABSPolylac®ABS Styrene PolymerizatesChi Mei
 SANKibisan®Styrene PolymerizatesChi Mei
 SBSKibiton®Styrene PolymerizatesChi Mei
 S/B COPOClear Kibiton®Styrene PolymerizateChi Mei
 ASALG-ASA®Styrene PolymerizatesLG Chem
 ABS TransparentLG-M-ABS®Styrene PolymerizatesLG Chem
 SANLG-SAN®Styrene PolymerizatesLG Chem
 LDPENovex®PolyolefinsIneos Olefins & Polymers
 LLDPELLDPEPolyolefinsIneos Olefins & Polymers
 PPIneos PP®PolyolefinsIneos Olefins & Polymers
 HDPERigidex®/Eltex®PolyolefinsIneos Olefins & Polymers
 Metallocene LLDPEEltex® PFPolyolefinsIneos Olefins & Polymers
 PSBASF PSStyrene PolymerizatesBASF
 SBSKumho® KTRStyrene PolymerizatesKumho
 S/B COPODenka NSBCStyrene PolymerizatesDenka

standard polymers

in the standard range we offer various polymers from different , well known suppliers.


You can find more details to the various products as well as data sheets under in the product navigator!


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