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Flexible polymers

Short descriptionBrandChemical descriptionSupplier
 PAZytel® FNPolyamidesCelanese
 TPC-ETHytrel®Thermoplastic ElastomereCelanese
 TPC-ETHytrel® ECO BThermoplastic ElastomerCelanese
 PA 6.10, PA 6.12., PA10.10 renewable sourcedZytel® LCPolyamideCelanese
 TPUElastollan®PolyurethanBASF Polyurethanes
 TPVSantoprene®Thermoplastic ElastomereCelanese
 TPE-VNylabond™Thermoplastic VulcanizateRTP


fLexible polymers

for soft touch applications up to high performance sealings.


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