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Transparent polymers

Short descriptionBrandChemical descriptionSupplier
 SANKibisan®Styrene PolymerizatesChi Mei
 PMMAAcryrex®Methylmethacrylat PolymerisateChi Mei
 S/B COPOClear Kibiton®Styrene PolymerizateChi Mei
 SMMAAcrystex®Methylmethacrylate PolymerizatesChi Mei
 TPUElastollan®Thermoplastic Polyurethane ElastomersBASF Polyurethanes
 ABS TransparentLG-M-ABS®Styrene PolymerizatesLG Chem
 SANLG-SAN®Styrene PolymerizatesLG Chem
 PETGSkygreen®CopolyestersSK Chemicals
 PP Ineos PP RandomPolyolefinsIneos Olefins & Polymers
 PSBASF PSStyrene PolymerizatesBASF
 PC High PerformanceTarflon® NeoPolycarbonate Idemitsu
 PES Veradel® PolyethersulfonesSyensqo
 PPSURadel® RPolyphenylsulfoneSyensqo
 PSUUdel ®PolysulfonesSyensqo
 S/B COPODenka NSBCStyrene PolymerizatesDenka


transparent polymers

polymers with high standards in optic, haptics,  impact strenghts or chemical resistance.

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